about embah

Why Embah

We offer value for money tours, going off the beaten track of commercial tourism and into the homes and hearts of local communities. With years of experience & local knowledge and logistical support throughout Egypt, we are always on hand to meet & greet and deal with any issues during your holiday.

What We Do

We present an opportunity to experience travel in Egypt in it’s truest form with maximum benefit to the local communities we visit. Whilst still visit all the famous landmarks and places of interest, we do it with passion and on a small scale , using local Egyptologists, drivers and stay in locally owned Hotels.

How We Do It

Embah operates on the ethos of Sustainable Travel, working hand in hand with the local communities, generating a mutual benefit that helps sustain it's traditional way of life. Travelling with Embah you are guaranteed to see life as it is, without rose tinted glasses or without any staged interaction with locals.

Who We Are

Travelers at heart, we know what it is like to want the flexibility of independent travel, but as life evolves, so does your travel ideals. When diving, kids, yoga, running became part of our lives, we used these personal experiences and turned them into a collection of inspired tours.