Embah TL Training

Prior to a tour leader running their own tour or trip, they work a period theoretical study of history, culture & environmental aspects and assist senior tour leaders on tour for practical training. As tours are off the beaten track, the program includes desert camp assembly, food prep and use of natural resources.

Eco Guide Course

Eco Guide Course was initiated by The Travel Foundation UK and Leeds University for local guides in Sinai to fine tune their guiding skills, conservation and environmental issues and how to relay these to their visitor. The course is open to all levels of education, age or tribe or original homeland.

International TL Training

Our International Tour Operator partners also provide Tour Leader training to all staff who will be dealing with their clients, giving great insights into their individual company ethics and brand.

Snorkel Guide Course

Snorkel Guide courses were designed for Red Sea guides to develop their awareness of marine conservation and safety skills, vital for any water sport or water activity. The 3 day course covers intensive theory & open water competence.

First Aid Training

All our tour leaders go through an international first aid course adapted for desert environment, water rescue and general care for incident prevention. If you hear your guide repeating themselves asking you to drink more water, then you know he is following training!


Perfect concept to gain innumerable life & career skills, whether it is work experience to enhance study or time for a career change. Covering many aspects of tour operation both on the ground and office based, Embah presents an all round understanding from crew to management level.